MM LaFleur Bento Box #2 + Traffic Jam Linky Party #192

8:30 AM

I've been looking to add some classic work pieces to my wardrobe. Although I work at a pretty relaxed company (jeans-every-day sort of company), I still want a selection of 4-5 professional pieces I can wear for big meetings, work dinners and networking events. I've tried MM LaFleur Bento Box once before and wasn't ready to press "Go" at the time. For those of your who don't know MM LaFleur, this brand is known for high-quality professional pieces for the working woman. Their slogan is to "take the work out of dressing for work." Their style is very effortless, yet chic. 

This will be my second Bento Box with them. Let's check out the 5-6 pieces I received in this box. Some of the items you will see below are from my first box as well. I requested those pieces again because I loved them the first time I got the Bento, but didn't purchase at that time.

This is a new top that I did not receive in my first box. I love how simple and elegant the shirt is. It looks very effortless with the way the fabric hangs and the material is light enough for the summer. I personally love the shirt tucked into the pants, but you can leave it untucked and it still looks good. I prefer pairing this with my favorite pair of black skinny pants. I am wearing it with nude pumps here, but black sandals/heels would go with this as well.

I am keeping this shirt for sure! I can already see myself in this shirt for multiple occasions/meetings. 

I love dresses so I was excited to see a few included in my Bento Box. Though I like the cut of the top, the dress shoulders-down didn't fit me so well. It was slightly too wide and too long for me. I paired it with the Broadway Belt sent to me, which was also too big for my waist. The closest notch on the belt didn't keep the belt in place and instead, it sagged down to above my hip bones. This dress has potential, I just don't want to spend the effort/time/money on getting the dress altered. Unfortunately, this is a return.

The pink hue of this shirt is slightly jarring to me - I'm not quite sure why, but it's maybe a little too pink for me? The slight drape of the front is nice, but I think the shirt overall doesn't look as flattering on me as it did on the model. It makes me look slightly wider because the fabric around the shoulder area hangs a bit too much down the sides of my shoulder. The pink shirt does match my off-white slim-fit pants from H&M though, so that's a positive. Overall, the shirt is leaning more towards a return than a keep.

I paired the cardigan with the pink top and the white pants. Though the champagne color of the cardigan would go well with the other light colors. I'm okay with how this outfit looks, I don't have the "WOW" feeling I get when I really like something on me, but I don't hate it either. My husband, however, called this a "mom outfit" and wasn't a fan. Basically, he means I look old. I do agree that this look is slightly more mature. I'm just not a fan of the color of the cardigan. I would prefer a navy or black color instead. This cardigan is a definite return. really not a fan of this dress. I don't like sleeves to begin with and this dress is even less form fitting on me than the first one. No thank you! This is a definite return.

I didn't have luck with the first two dresses, but this one seems like a keeper! I did receive this dress in my first box, but it was in Navy instead of Cinder. I really love the Navy color, but it's definitely more of a spring/summer color, whereas Cinder can be worn year-round. Black is always a classic color. My feedback on this dress is the same as the first time - it fits very well on me (form fitting and flattering in all the right areas), but the one issue with this is the length. It's a few inches longer than I would like. I could easily hem it by hand or with my sewing machine. I debated back-and-forth for about five minutes and decided to keep the dress. It's minimal effort to fix the hem and everything else about this dress is perfect!

What do you think of MM LaFleur? Were there pieces you liked/disliked from this box? Would you sign up for a free Bento Box? Would love to hear your thoughts below! Don't forget to link up below either!



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