Seville and Malaga, Spain: Travel Diary Part 1 + Traffic Jam Linky Party

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I recently took a vacation to Spain with my husband for our one year anniversary and it was lovely. We went all around Spain, but spent most of our time in the South - particularly Seville and Malaga. Below is the first leg of our trip. Take a look and don't forget to join the Traffic Jam Weekend Linky Party below - I'm a guest co-host this week!


Plaza De Espana

One of the must-see sites in Seville is Plaza De Espana. It was built in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, mixing elements of the Renaissance Revival and Moorish Revival in Spanish architecture. The plaza itself is known as the "Venice of Spain" because there's a canal running through it. There were a few people rowing in the canal when we were visiting - super romantic setting for two!

Parque de María Luisa

After visiting the Plaza De Espana, take a walk in the park that the plaza sits in. It's a great way to spend an afternoon, enjoying the weather and the scenery. I recommend bringing a book and reading on one of the benches for a few hours (maybe even people watch!).

Seville Cathedral

One of the most beautiful and elaborate cathedrals in Spain (and there are many in Spain). It costs money to visit, but I highly recommend it!

Le Setas

This is known as the "mushroom" structure. It's very cool to look at and the view on top of the Setas is apparently beautiful. We decided to skip the view because we weren't interested in paying $20 pp just to see a landscape view of Seville. There is a ruins museum just underground of Le Setas that I do recommend visiting (it's just $5 pp).


Malaga Cathedral

Yes, there are a lot of cathedrals in Spain. No matter which city you visit, you're most likely going to see one. The one in Malaga is massive, it's truly a site to see. Even from the outside, we were so impressed with the structure just walking around it.

Malagueta Beach

Malagueta Beach is one of my favorite spots in Malaga. There's the city center, but not too far away is Malagueta Beach. It honestly reminds me a bit of Miami with all the palm trees around. Great spot to soak in some sun or take a dip in the water.

Caminito Del Rey

One of our favorite hikes ever! It's not too long of a hike - the whole hike is about 7.7 km long. It's also completely safe. We were given hard hats to wear for the duration of the hike. The entire path is fenced off so you can't fall off the path accidentally (which could actually happen if you hiked it before 2015). The views are gorgeous too - highly recommend coming here. If you don't want to rent a car, I recommend finding a tour group to go with. Caminito Del Rey does limit the total number of visitors a day so get your tickets ahead of your trip!

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  1. Wow, the Malaga and Seville Cathedrals look really beautiful! This city is so pretty, I would love to visit this place one day! Nice pictures, by the way. :) ~ Ola @ WanderWithOla

  2. Omg. I'd love to visit that place someday! It's really nice to travel around the world. It's also nice that you enjoyed your trip!

  3. Seville cathedral looks so beautiful, it has such stunning architecture. I definitely want to visit Seville at some point, many of my friends have visited and said I must go.

  4. This brings back memories. I went to Spain every year with my family as a child / teenager. We visited both these places - Malaga a few times. I absolutely love Spain. Its a bit far from my current location (Japan), but I made the effort to bring the kids there a couple of years ago and they absolutely loved it too. They keep saying they want to go back!!

  5. I have visted both the cites and written about them on my blog too. I have enjoyed so much Spain that I can't wait to come back!! Love your post.

  6. Oh my gosh! your photos are amazing! Spain looks like such a wonderful place to visit!

  7. The desgins,colors, architecture and history so beautiful. This place has got nature wise also better options for a traveler.

  8. Wow. You took some fabulous pictures! I really love your dress in that first one too! Looks like the perfect outfit to explore the city!

  9. Travelling to Spain is in my future travel plan. Thanks for providing all the details and I love your photos.

  10. Lovely this place and I really love the view. Spain is my dream country to visit someday awesome photos!

  11. I haven't visited Spain yet but that looks fabulous. Your comment about the cathedrals reminds me of my trip to Italy and all of the cathedrals we saw there!

  12. Spain truly is a beautiful country. There is so much to see and even more things to do. Unfortunately I've never visited Seville or Malaga before (however, have been in Marbella a few times) but i can tell from your photos that it looks amazing. Will definitely visit Malagueta Beach and hike in the Caminito Del Rey next time i visit

  13. This place is gorgeous! You are making us jealous in your recent Spain travel :)


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