Granada and Barcelona, Spain (and Gibraltar): Travel Diary Part 2

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Earlier this month, I visited Spain for about 9 days and had an amazing time. I already shared the first part of my trip with you, Seville and Malaga, and today, I'll be sharing the rest of the trip. The other three cities I visited on my trip was Granada, Barcelona and Gibraltar (technically UK territory). Read about each of the cities below!

Stop #4: Granada


This is the first part you'll encounter as you walk into the Alhambra. The picture below is of the "Justice Gate," which is one of the entrances into the Alcazaba, otherwise known as the fortress of the Alhambra.

Nasrid Palace

Your mind will be blown as you walk through the Nasrid Palace. The intricate details of the decor will leave your jaw hanging the entire time. The photos below don't even begin to do the palace justice. You will just have to see it in person to understand what I mean. Can you believe this was all hand carved? How many hours and how many men it took to create the entire palace? Wow, just wow.



Pronounced hen-ner-ell-leaf-ey, this is the garden area of the Alhambra. There are a bunch of different plants and flowers in this garden - it is bursting with color. Talk about a thing of beauty.

Stop #5: Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is a MUST-SEE in Barcelona. If you only have time for one activity, this is the activity in Barcelona. The church is a work of art that will take about 133 years to build! How crazy is that! This is Gaudi's biggest project - many of the other buildings he has worked on are located in Barcelona (also great sites to visit), but this one is truly out of this world. The inside of the church looks like a forest, with the tall columns acting like tree trunks and branches. The stained glass windows located everywhere all shine of bright color and illuminate the inside of the building beautifully. 

When you buy your tickets, make sure to get a ticket for one of the towers. We went to the Nativity Tower, where you get a closer view of the outside structure and all the details on the outside of the building as well as a beautiful view of the city (see below).

Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau

This building is an art nouveau complex & former hospital in the heart of Barcelona. The structure is beautiful both inside and out. The decor is truly stunning. Some of the original artwork, painting and decor still exists today, which is pretty cool to see.

Stop #6: Gibraltar

Gibraltar Bontanic Gardens

This garden is not visited enough. When you hear "Gibraltar", everyone normally thinks of the Rock of Gibraltar, but there's more to the city than that. Wandering around the streets reminded me of London - the vibe is very quintessentially English. Pubs sprawl the streets with fish & chips as the main dish. No one understood me when I asked where the restroom was, I had to say 'toilet' or 'wc.' Hidden just 10 minutes away from the city center is the bontanic gardens. It is quite a large garden, filled with different varieties of trees, flowers and plants from all over the world. It is truly a site to see. I strolled around for about an hour at a leisurely pace and enjoyed every minute of it.

Rock of Gibraltar

Unfortunately, I didn't get great views on the top of the Rock when I went. It was extremely foggy that day, so the photos I have don't do the views justice. Instead, I'm going to focus on the macaques that live on the Rock. They look cute and furry, but get too close and they can bite! Beware if you are carrying food, they will pounce on you if they see food on you. A few of them almost attacked our driver while he was eating a cookie during his break. 

St. Michael's Cave

Another cool place to visit while you're on the Rock of Gibraltar is St. Michael's Cave. There's a lot of history behind it (if you're a nerd like me) that you can learn/read about while in the cave. The cave itself has beautiful lighting set up on the inside - it actually acts as a concert/performance hall during the summer nights. They can fit about 300-400 people per show in the cave. Super cool! 

Don't forget to read about the first leg of my Spain trip: Seville and Malaga! Have you ever been to Spain? Which city would you like to visit? Share your thoughts below!

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