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I recently went on a shopping binge at Under Armour for activewear. I will be hiking Maccu Picchu with my best friend in a few months and I need to have the right clothing to hike in! I don't own too many activewear clothes, so I decided to take this chance to splurge on myself not only for my trip to Peru, but for my everyday work-out classes as well. Here's my entire UA haul:

A great pair of leggings is super important - you don't want material that is flimsy or absorbs too much moisture. If it rains when you're hiking or if you sweat a lot, the water will stick to the fabric and your skin, making you feel gross and slimy. This pair of leggings has moisture-wicking technology (I think this is the case for all UA items), which keeps you dry throughout your workout. I love that there are small pockets as well for a phone or keys that you can take with you. I also love the cut and design of it. The different colors of purple look beautiful. 

Women's UA Armour Fly Fast Crop

I can always use more workout shirts. I generally stick with tanks or muscle tees because of the wide armholes. I tend to sweat a lot when I work out (TMI I know), so I'd rather have larger armholes to aerate the sweat off instead of having it on the pits on my t-shirt. I'm interested in seeing if the moisture-wicking technology is as effective as UA claims. I'll find out once I wear this tee during my hike!

One of the clothing items the tour guide recommends bringing along is a undershirt liner. It's pretty much supposed to be a "second skin", which means it's a thin layer that sits right on top of you. The shirt is meant to be tight and the reason is so it can retain heat. Most of these undershirt liners are made of fabrics that will keep you warm. This is especially important when you're hiking in very cold climates, like what I'll be facing in Maccu Picchu!

I couldn't help but pick this shirt up because of the lightness and airiness to it. I want something that is not too heavy that I can easily toss over a sports bra once I'm done with my work out. I don't like walking around in just my sports bra so this is perfect. 

Women's UA Pindot Open Back Long Sleeve

The weather changes quite drastically in the mountains - one second the sun is shining and it's hot and the next second there is fog and very cold outside. I'm bringing a few sweatshirts with me so I can layer it on top of my other clothing. It will keep me warm throughout the hike and if it becomes too hot, I can take it off and just wear a t-shirt.

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What do you think of this haul? Do you guys think I am ready for my Maccu Picchu trip? Share your thoughts below!

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