Stitch Fix #11

8:30 AM

Stitch Fix...I want to love you, but the last few packages I've received haven't been looking good. There were a few cute items in this package that I'm going to share today. 3 pieces to be exact, out of the 5 pieces I received in this box. Let's take a look:

I love cardigans. They're the perfect thing to throw on top of a tee when it's too cold outside. I keep one at my desk every day since the temperature is so unpredictable. In the morning, it's cold, then it gets gradually hotter and by 3pm, you're in a t-shirt. The next day, it's cold for 2 hours then hot for two hours and the cycle repeats. It really is unpredictable in my office and I refuse to take any chances. I wear layers to work every day just because of the temperature shifts.

This cute cardigan is only about $35, which is in my price range overall. Plus, the color goes great with this vintage tee I have that says "Let's Taco Bout It." Cute, right?

Stitch Fix Blue Cardigan

Stitch Fix Blue Cardigan

The next two items I liked are the checkered infinity scarf and the cable knit sweater. Infinity scarves are perfect for winter. They look great on almost any outfit and they keep you extremely warm. The knit sweater feels so nice against my skin, but this one is just slightly looser than my ideal fit. The cable design in the front is really cute and different from the other sweaters in my closet. I like v-necks too - the normal cut tends ride up into my neck and collarbone, which gets uncomfortable very quickly. 

I'm a little bit iffy on getting my next Stitch Fix. I've received 11 fixes so far and I still don't feel like the stylists know my size or my style perfectly. I might give it a go every now and again, but I won't be consistently getting fixes. 

What about you? Have you ever tried Stitch Fix? Share your comments below!

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  1. May, I just signed up for Stitch Fix a couple of days ago! Waiting on my first shipment. I'm on the short side like you and hope I can get some good clothing finds. Thanks for sharing this on Traffic Jam Weekend!


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