Blue Ruffle Jumpsuit OOTD

8:30 AM

I've had a bit of an obsession with jumpsuits recently. Using the Shoedazzle return credit I had, I decided to take a chance on a blue ruffle jumpsuit I found. It was a size Small, which is generally too big on me, but I really liked the design and I know how to hem really well. When it finally arrived, I threw it on and LOVED it. The length needed work - it's meant for someone who was at least 5'9", which I definitely am not. The width of the top was also too wide, so I needed to take in the button on the back of the top as well. Overall, it probably took me about half an hour in adjustments, but the payoff is well worth it!

Blue Jumpsuit Shoedazzle

The blue ruffle jumpsuit has a lot of beautiful details already - I didn't need to accessorize much. The ruffles on the shoulder, the deep v-neck top and the wide leg pants make this jumpsuit so unique. I also love the blue hue - it's a gorgeous color and it was perfect to wear while I was in Greece (where the colors are traditionally very white and blue). I paired the outfit with nude wedges. Overall, the jumpsuit is very light and airy, which is great if the weather is too hot or if you have an active day of walking ahead of you. 

Blue Jumpsuit Front

Blue Jumpsuit Back

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Overall, I love this jumpsuit and can't wait to wear it......well, everywhere! What's something you bought recently that you love? Share below!

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  1. That is a stunning shade of blue and those sleeves make such a beautiful statement. Gorgeous jumpsuit May xx Maria

  2. Loving the elegance of this jumpsuit dear, so perfect on you!
    Jessica |


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