Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is only a month away! I love to DIY my Halloween costume each year, but I don't always have a lot of time to do so. Luckily, there are so many easy and cheap costumes you can make. I have my top 5 listed below - all cost under $29 and use items you already have in your household or closet. Take a look below!

1. DIY Raining Men

Such a cute take on the popular song "It's Raining Men." And it's so easy to make. I love the clear umbrella look, but you can use any umbrella you have on you. Print out pictures of some good-looking men and tape them to your umbrella with scotch tape and fishing wire (recommended because of how thin and transparent it is). Hallelujah, it's raining men!

DIY Raining Men

Shopping list for DIY Raining Men Costume:


2. DIY Ice Cream Cone Costume

Who doesn't love ice cream? I personally can't resist. I run towards ice cream trucks the moment I see them (no joke - I really do love ice cream). This ice cream cone costume is so easy to make - it only requires 4 items, most of which you might already have. If not, you can grab all the items from Amazon for just $29! Use a hot glue gun to add the colorful popsicle sticks to your white dress. Make a cone shape out of the brown construction paper and hot glue it onto the headband.

Pro tip: If you have a white dress that you want to continue wearing, use double sided clothing tape instead of a hot glue gun to stick the popsicle sticks. That way, at the end of the night, you can rip off the colorful sticks seamlessly, leaving your dress completely unharmed!

DIY Ice Cream Cone Costume

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3. DIY Pineapple Costume

Pineapples have been on trend recently - everything from pineapple floaties to earrings to home decor, they are invading our lives. I don't mind, I love the juicy sweetness of pineapple. A DIY pineapple costume only requires four items - one of which you already have in your kitchen. Save the empty paper towel roll next time you run out! Overall, you can make this costume with just $26.

Check out Studio DIY for their easy paper pineapple head tutorial. It will only take you about 10 minutes to make this whole costume.

DIY Pineapple Costume

Shopping list for Pineapple Costume:


4. DIY Smart Cookie Costume

If you thought your high school or college graduation gown would sit in your closet forever, you're wrong! This is a perfect opportunity to turn something you only wore once into something you can wear once a year! This costume takes almost no money or effort. Print out pictures of cookies and use double sided tape to stick them on your gown. Voila, how easy was that?

DIY Smart Cookie Costume

Shopping list for Smart Cookie Costume:

5. DIY Bread Winner Costume

Make the dough in the relationship? Show who really wears the pants in the relationship with this witty and easy to make Bread Winner costume. You only need $20 to buy the 3 items below (and bread from your kitchen). Plus, your friends will love you for supplying them with food throughout the night - where's PB&J when you need them??

DIY Bread Winner Costume

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What will you be for Halloween? Will you be DIY-ing your costume or buying it? Share below!

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  1. Haha these are brilliant - so much fun! xx Maria

  2. These are really creative costumes. Love the pineapple one - so cute! I can't believe Halloween is just around the corner. Happy weekend!

    Maureen | www.littlemisscasual.com

  3. This are so fun!



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