Travel Set Series: Belif Bestsellers On-The-Go Kit

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On today's Travel Set Series, I'm going to review Belif Bestsellers On-The-Go Kit, a skincare kit that only costs $20 from Sephora! I was extremely excited to try this because it's not only at an affordable price point, but it's a FULL skincare routine that includes a cleanser, serum, face moisturizer, eye cream and facial toner. Let's take a look at this set:

Belif Bestsellers On The Go Kit

I was so excited to see such a big deluxe sample of the Moisturizing Eye Bomb......only to find out that the bottom of the jar is much higher up than the front of the jar (see second photo below). Totally misleading right?! It wasn't a good first impression for me. I opened the jar and swiped a bit of product on my finger and applied it to my under eye area. Wow, I could feel the hydration instantly. It is a very lightweight formula - almost gel-like (except it's a cream). The formula absorbed into my skin immediately and left my under eye area feeling hydrated. Though the jar size is smaller than advertised, a little does go a long way. This jar will last me at least 3 weeks.

As someone with combination skin during summer, this is my ideal face cream during this season. Again, this product has more of a gel consistency than a cream, making it very absorbent on the skin. I loved the texture when I first applied it onto my skin. The product felt cool against my skin as well. I think this product is light enough for the hot, hot summer, but for the cold winter, I'm not sure if it would do enough for my skin. 

When I first picked this product up, I noticed that it says "aqua-based formulation", but I almost feel like all of their products so far have an aqua-based formulation. Definitely not complaining about it, I love that kind of texture in a eye cream and facial moisturizer. This Water Essence product feels amazing on the skin. Again, like with all the other products I've tried thus far, it absorbs extremely well into the skin. I love the feeling of this product on my skin, but I didn't think it increased my hydration levels that much. When I layered the face cream on top, I felt a difference, but the Water Essence didn't do enough by itself.

I normally like the bergamot scent, but it was a little funky in this toner. I'm not entirely sure why. Anyway, I dabbed a bit of this on my skin and it felt quite nice. I generally use toners after cleansing my skin with micellar water and a facial cleanser (I like to make sure I'm getting rid of all the makeup residue). The toner feels really nice against my skin. I don't think it helped me absorb any more of the serum and face cream any more than normal though. To me, it was nice, but it's not necessary in my skincare routine.

This.....I was not a fan of. Unlike all of the other products I tried, this one didn't have the same fresh, hydrated feeling as all the other ones. Maybe it's because it's a cleanser and not a serum or a cream. I don't like how thick this cleanser is. Once mixed with water, it does start foaming, but when it comes out of the tube, it is quite thick. I also felt that this product was very drying on my skin, which is ironic because this cleanser is for dry skin. To be fair, I also have sensitive skin, so most cleansers are very drying on my skin.

What do you think of this belif bestsellers on-the-go kit? I personally love it and can't wait to take this with me on my next trip. Don't forget to check out my first travel set series review of Philosophy's Welcome Kit.

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  1. Oh I love this and how perfect for travel! I love trying new beauty products, Im a real sucker for a new product!

  2. These products look absolutely perfect for travel! Such a bargain from sephora, I'll absolutely be checking this out.

  3. I just love belif products and I am currently using them for my vacation 😊👍🏼

  4. I am not familiar with the brand and the name but it looks interesting to try. I might have to check the duty free here if they have this. I love travel size products for being handy and convenient.

  5. Belif sounds like a well known and trusted brand. These are staple and must haves. The eye bomb looks great.

  6. I love the packaging and size of the products. Perfect for traveling! I would love to try these.

  7. Skincare is very important to me. I'm intrigued by how you said you could instantly feel the hydration of your skin. And as someone else commented, these bottles look really handy for traveling.

  8. oh the products looks so promising. would love to check them out! thanks for sharing.

  9. Those look like some pretty great skin care products there. I think my daughter would really be interested in the eye bomb. Thanks for sharing.


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