Amazon Prime Wardrobe Review #2

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As you all know, I've recently tried Amazon's Prime Wardrobe benefit, part of their current Prime subscription. With Prime Wardrobe, you can select clothes to try before you buy. Amazon ships them all to you, you have 7 days to try them on and then you return what you don't want to purchase. You can read more about my first Prime Wardrobe experience here. I decided to get another box since I've been looking for athletic/work out clothes. I've recently increased my workout schedule to 4x a week, going to TRAMPSTAMP (a trampoline workout class) and Y7 Hip Hop Hot Yoga (yes, it's a lot of fun). With all of these various activities, I'm in need of more clothes that fit the workout I am doing. Let's take a look:
Starter Women's Reversible Seamless Racerback Sports Bra, Size XS

I'm looking for a light/medium sports bra for yoga. I found this one and instantly fell in love. It felt great when I wore it and I was able to stretch without feeling uncomfortable. However, I didn't like that this sports bra didn't have removable cups. If it's cold outside, my nipples will easily show in this and that's not exactly what I'd want to happen. Plus, knowing me, I'm going to get this white sports bra very, very dirty and it won't look this great after three classes.

Under Armour Women's Armour Crossback Mid, Imperial Purple/Flint, Size XS
HEAD Women's Fishnet Crop, Black, Size XS

First off, this Under Armour sports bra has removable cups, so check! Second, it has this compression fit, so it is designed more for high-impact sports, such as running, aerobics, cardio classes, etc. This is perfect for my Jane Do classes that I signed up for recently. TRAMPSTAMP requires a lot of jumping up and down and you have to make sure the girls are protected for it! I'm loving this fit of the crop pants as well.They hug me pretty well and feel nice. I'm able to do yoga poses comfortably and the fabric is a "moisture wicking" fabric, meaning it will move sweat from your skin onto the surface of your pants or shirt so it can more easily evaporate. I'm keeping both pieces - they almost make a great set.

Under Armour Women's Perfect Pace T-Shirt, Warm Gray Heather, Size XS

This shirt is also moisture wicking and the inside of the shirt feels amazing against the skin. It has this cooling effect, which is really nice, especially when I'm hot and sweaty while working out. I wish it was more colorful, but a lot of my clothes are neutral colors so I know this will at least fit in with everything else I have. This is a keeper for me.

Adidas Women's Trefoil Tee, Black/White, Size XS

Adidas has been one of my go-to brands for workout gear. I've purchased shoes, sports bras, pants, etc from them before, but never a shirt. I decided to throw this one in my box because it's pretty cute. I like the big, bold logo on the shirt. The fit, however, was not what I expected at all. It's way too long and big on me. I think it makes me look a bit flat since it's not form fitting. The cut is straight down and as a small, petite girl, this is not flattering me at all. I had to return this one.

Under Armour Women's Armour Mid Mesh Sports Bra, Black/White, Size XS
Calvin Klein Performance Women's High Waist Color Block Legging, Size S

I was excited for both of these pieces. When I added them to my box, I thought they would pair perfectly together. And I think they do! The Under Armour sports bra is medium impact and without removable cups. Though the removable cups weren't included, it feels like this one offers much more protection than the white sports bra I tried on earlier. If it was windy and cold outside, you won't be able to see my nipples with this on. Plus, I really like the subtle pattern on the straps and the back. It's really cute. 
The pants, I really wanted to love, but I just couldn't. I was surprised that a S fit me, but I do think an XS would have been better. The length fits well, but the pants feel a bit loose on me. I also feel like the design of the black stripe wrapping around my leg makes my thighs and calves look bigger than I'd like. I know, I know, probably just something I'm self conscious about, but I'm still not a fan. I'll probably return this one and buy a solid color instead.

I'm VERY happy with my second Amazon Prime Wardrobe box. It's a headache to pick out the items because not all sizes/colors are eligible for this perk. I don't think I'll switch over to buying more of my clothes on Amazon until all of their sizes are eligible for Prime Wardrobe. I found a lot of cute things I would love to try, but I'm unable to since this is still a limited perk. Petite sizes are hard to come by (in nice styles at least) on Amazon, but if you're S-L, most of the clothes will be eligible for Prime Wardrobe.

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