Travel Set Series: Philosophy Welcome Kit

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Summer is full of travel - whether you're going to the shore for the weekend or you're flying internationally for a 10 day trip, you're constantly on the go. So should your beauty & skincare essentials. As much as I love full-sized products, they're just inconvenient to lug around on a trip. Even on a 10 day trip, you will need to check your bag, which means waiting for your suitcase at the baggage carousel, and your skincare products will take up precious space in your suitcase. For the entire summer, I will be reviewing different travel skincare kits that are travel-friendly and affordable on the budget. So you can splurge on what matters: your vacation!

This kit has all the basics - you get a cleanser, shower gel and face cream in mini sizes. If you haven't tried the Philosophy brand before, this is a perfect introduction. Their most well-known product is their purity cleanser, which is included in this kit. It's rare to see a kit under the $20, so I had to grab it. Let's take a look at the below:

Amazing Grace Shower Gel: Amazing Grace is a floral, feminine scent. I personally love the smell. The shower gel foams up pretty quickly, but I wish it was a little more hydrating. Certain shower gels can be very drying, I tend to look for one that has argan oil or other moisturizing properties. Unfortunately, this isn't hydrating. Though I love the smell, I'd rather just get the fragrance and use a different shower gel.

Purity Made Simple Cleanser: This is Philosophy's signature product. This cleanser is known to be the "one-step" facial cleanser for cleansed and hydrated skin. I'll be honest, I've been using the same cleanser for the past 5 years because I have sensitive skin. Most cleansers irritate my skin so when I found one that works, I stuck with it. But from all the positive reviews I've read, I decided to give this one a try.

I'm honestly surprised by how effective it is at cleansing my skin without irritating it. I'm not that big of a fan of the smell. I could do without that, but the cleanser itself is amazing. My skin feels so soft and gentle afterwards, I feel like I don't need moisturizer (though I still definitely put on moisturizer). I'll keep this little guy around for traveling, but I'm going to invest in one of the bigger "value" sizes to keep in my bathroom!

Renewed Hope In a Jar: This facial moisturizer keeps skin continuously hydrated and fights dullness with an all-day glow. I really like the texture of this cream. It is extremely lightweight and absorbs well into the skin. I don't like that it is scented. I tend to stick with unscented creams because the perfumes can irritate my skin. My skin did feel hydrated afterwards, but I wouldn't say that my skin stayed hydrated all day long. It did last for 8 hours, but past that, it was a bit iffy.

What do you think of this travel-sized set? Would you purchase it? Share your thoughts below! Guess the next kit I will be reviewing correctly and you can win it!

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