Travel Diary: Seattle, WA

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Some of you may have seen some pictures from my Seattle trip on Instagram. It was a little peek into my mini vacation on Memorial Day Weekend. I'm here to share more from my trip below! I had a great time visiting a lot of the popular sites, but many of them cost money. I have a mix of everything I visited below, what I thought about it and how much it costs to go in (if anything!). Browse through and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section!
Fremont Troll - FREE

The Fremont Troll was built underneath the Fremont Highway to scare homeless people away from squatting there. It's a widely popular site during the day attracting not only tourists from out of state, but even locals around the Seattle area as well. Fremont has a lot of other great sites to visit that are free, such as the Fremont Market (every Sunday), Fremont Brewery and Gas Works Park.
Fremont Troll

Museum of Pop - $28 admission, $35 with Marvel exhibit

If you're very into pop culture, I recommend visiting. I decided not to go into the Marvel exhibit because I'm not a crazy fan so I didn't think it was really necessary. At the time I went, they had over 10 different exhibits and 3 floors that you could visit. Some of my favorite ones: scary movies exhibit (they had fake dead bodies hanging around), sci-fi exhibit, Hendrix and sound lab.
The sound lab is absolutely incredible. They have instruments around with instructions on how to play. The tutorials are super easy and fun and great for all ages. I played the guitar and the piano while I was there. Very fun!

Chihuly Museum of Glass - $28 admission

This was my favorite place. I really enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful, grand sculptures, all made of glass! It was truly amazing. This is the one thing I recommend you go see. It's in the same area as the Space Needle, Museum of Pop and a few other things if you want to knock them all out at once.

Gum Wall/Public Market - FREE

This is pretty disgusting, but intriguing at the same time. It's basically a wall full of chewed gum. It's very artsy, but looking and SMELLING the old gum is pretty gross. I snapped a few pics then ran out.

Olympic Sculpture Park - FREE

I came here on my walk down to the pier. It's a really nice spot. It's like an open garden with sculptures all over. It's a very quiet and peaceful walk. Perfect for a relaxed afternoon. I had a nice time walking through the park and there are seats overlooking the water there as well.

Starbucks Roastery - FREE (but drinks and food inside are quite pricey, much higher than typical Starbucks prices)

This was a unique experience because this is the only Starbucks Reserve Roastery that exists right now. They are planning to open one up in Shanghai, China and NYC within the next year. The inside is absolutely stunning and they serve coffee beans from all over the world. Keep in mind this place is much more upscale than the typical Starbucks. It's free to go in, but their croissants are at least $4, when at a Starbucks store they're around $2.75 and the same goes for their drinks. It's a pretty hefty markup and you'll end up spending $20 for just coffee and some snacks. If you're a coffee aficionado, you'll enjoy it. If not, I would skip it. 


Amazon has a bunch of different campuses in Seattle. One of them was located in the downtown area with the Amazon Go store and the Spheres nearby. I was able to go into the Amazon Go store alone since it is open to the public, but the Spheres is not. You will need someone who works at Amazon to escort you through there. The store was a lot smaller than I expected, but it was fun to go through the experience. The Spheres are a really nice space, they have a bunch of different varieties of plants there. It's just very steamy in there in order to keep all the plants hydrated. I thought it was nice to tour, but I wouldn't stay there to do my work.

Have you been to Seattle? Would you want to go? If you have any questions, please ask! I'd love to help you answer them.

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