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8:30 AM

If you guys didn't know, Amazon just launched a new Prime benefit called Prime Wardrobe, which allows you to try clothes on before you buy. You have to select at least 3 items in your size from a wide selection of items (this includes accessories like hand bags, shoes and jewelry) that Amazon will ship to you. You will have 7 days to try everything on. Keep what you want and return the rest via check out. Amazon will give you a few days to mail the items back to them. This new benefit is AMAZING. I've tried to purchase clothes from Amazon before and their sizing is widely inconsistent across their different sellers. I ended up getting frustrated by all the returns I had to make that I eventually just stopped trying to buy clothes from Amazon altogether. With this new benefit, I'm ready to give it a try again! I added 4 items to my Prime Wardrobe order, let's take a look below:

I normally wear an XS in shirts and dresses, but they only offered a size S in this bell sleeve top. I decided to give it a try. As it turns out, the S fits me perfectly. I really love the style of the top, but I wish the color was a tad lighter. It's a very dark mauve color and it doesn't really scream summer to me. The only other color option was black, but the cute bow detail isn't as noticeable with the darker color. I decided to return.

I was extremely excited when I saw this dress online. I love ruffles and lace and this dress has both! The red color is really beautiful and stands out nicely. When I tried this XS size on, it wouldn't even zip all the way up! It got stuck halfway up and I didn't want to break the zipper, so I didn't try to force it the rest of the way. It's a cute dress, I just don't think it works on me. The dress itself is WAY too short. I haven't worn a mini dress like this in maybe 5 years. It was also impossible to bend down without flashing someone, which is extremely impractical.

The sandals, on the other hand, were nice. They're just slightly too big, so I'm going to return the size 6 and purchase a 5.5 instead. I like the style and the material overall, just the sizing was a little off. Size 5.5 wasn't eligible for the Prime Wardrobe benefit (c'mon Amazon, be inclusive of all sizes!) so I opted to try the 6 knowing that it may be a little too big for me.

This cute one shoulder ruffle top was my favorite pick. I love the one shoulder look and when I saw this item, I knew I had to get it. When I tried it on, it fit perfectly! Everything about the shirt was perfect. The ruffles stood out nicely and the fabric is super light, which is great for the weather now. It's probably my new favorite shirt!

I'm happy with this new service overall. As you can see above, sizing is super inconsistent across the different products I chose. Size S ended up fitting me well, while size XS in the dress didn't fit me at all. I'm glad I was able to try these products on before committing to them. It prevents a lot of returns and hassle in the future.
Would you give Prime Wardrobe a try? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. The blue one shoulder top is adorable. I love the longer length so you could tuck it in if you wanted as well!

  2. I had no idea Amazon offered this benefit now - thanks for the informative post!

    1. No problem! Would love to hear your thoughts if you give it a try!

  3. I agree, it's definitely my favorite item from the entire order!


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