Birthday Stitch Fix #8

6:00 PM

It's my birthday today....woot woot! To celebrate, I thought I would treat myself to another fix (Stitch Fix that is). I do think that my fixes have gotten better over time, especially my last one. They gave me more petite sizes, which I loved, and I'm hoping they do the same this time too. Let's take a look at my birthday fix!

Alice Blue Prospect Tank Blouse, Size XS - $38 (RETURN)

The print is cute, but the size is SO OFF. It's not a petite size, just a regular XS, but it felt like a Medium on me. It doesn't look too bad from the front, but when you see it from the back and from the side, it's very obvious. Was not happy with how this fit me and I was a bit shocked that the sizing is so off.

My bra clearly shows and the arm hole is way too big! It's cute, but unfortunately, not something I will buy as the sizing is way off.

Just Black Cordelia Skinny Jean, Size 0P - $78 (KEEP)

I was a little skeptical when I saw these. I tried on jeans before from Stitch Fix and I didn't like the fit and the length was too long. But when I put these on, they fit like a glove! The length is absolutely perfect! I seriously love them! They are outside of my price range, but since the fit and length was good, I'm keeping them.

Alice Blue Segen Pleat Detail Blouse, Size XS - $46 (RETURN)

Another big shirt...I'm starting to think that the sizing issue is specific to this brand. Another XS regular shirt that fits like a medium. The print itself is nice, it the arm length was slightly shorter and the width of the shirt was more fitted, this would have been a keeper. This is a return.

Skies are Blue Asa Knit Blazer, Size XS - $68 (KEEP)

This was one request I made in my Fix. I've always wanted a cute blazer, but I haven't been able to find one. When I saw this, I knew I would love it. It didn't have any buttons, the sleeves were 3/4 long and had a folded up look - all things I wanted in a blazer. And the fit? Perfect! Looks great with a simple shirt and a pair of black jeans. So chic! I had to keep it.

Bancroft Kason Metal Fringe Necklace - $28 (RETURN)

This fringe necklace is nice, but not so much my style. It does look nice with the tank and the blazer though. For $28, it's not worth it to me. I've found cuter jewelry for less.

Overall, I thought this Fix was alright. The sizing was a bit off on a few of the items, but the jeans and the blazer were a huge hit! Have you tried Stitch Fix before? Share below!


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