Beauty Battle: Lip Magnet vs Smashbox

8:30 AM

I am obsessed with matte lippies and I'm always on the hunt for that perfect matte lip. I recently stumbled upon two products that I really LOVE: Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick and Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet.

Today's beauty battle is a little different. I usually like to compare a drugstore item to a luxury item, but I have yet to find a drugstore dupe for this matte lip product, so if you see something, let me know! I do think it's worth at least comparing Smashbox vs Armani, since the price point is still significantly different from each other. 

Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick

Let's start with Smashbox first. I first noticed this item while surfing I do like the design, it's rather simple and it really lets the color tell the story. What I really like about it is the precise applicator. The pointed end makes it easier to trace my lips and apply product where I want it to go. 

The Always On Liquid Lipstick goes on wet, but dries pretty quickly. It doesn't completely feel like nothing is on my lips. When I rub my lips together, they get kind of sticky. Plus, my issue with this is how it transfers everywhere. Product will go on napkins, utensils, my hands, etc. It can get messy real easy if you're anything like me. 

Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet

Wow, how cute is this?! I love this packaging, it looks gorgeous! It's so tiny and cute. I'm a huge fan of the shape and size - no hard edges that might stretch your jeans and it's easy to take with you. The applicator is very similar to Smashbox's Always On Lipstick. I like that this applicator doesn't pick up a lot of product. It allow you to spread what you have and dip for more if you need to.

I am a big fan of the finish. Yes, it's matte, but it doesn't feel like you have anything on your lips. When I rub my lips together, all I feel lips!

Swatches (both are beautiful colors, no?)

Here's the two side by side:

Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick
Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet
Costs: $24
Costs: $38
Applicator: Pointed applicator for precise application
Applicator: Pointed, smaller applicator for precise application
Packaging: Rectangular shape with hard edges
Packaging: Rounder, cylindrical shape
Finish: Matte
Finish: Matte with a barely there feel
Color range: 20 colors
Color range: 18 colors

Personally, I think Lip Magnet wins. It has a better applicator, no thin film left behind when you wear the product and it's much cuter! I would spend $14 for a better product, but I probably won't buy as many.

What do you think of the lipsticks? Which one would you choose? Share below!


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  1. love the pink one. Beautiful colors!

  2. I love Beauty Battles! Some make-up you are paying for the name more than anything!

  3. I love the Beauty Battles!
    With some products you are paying for the name more than anything!


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