Travel Log: Orlando + Miami

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I'm baaack! I've been back for a week, but things have been so busy, I haven't really gotten the chance to sit down and blog. This week's a little bit better, so I hope I'm back to my normal schedule soon. Anyway, I wanted to share how my trip to Disney World and Miami went! We spent about 9 days total down in Florida and it was amazing! Before I show you some photos, I think a shout out to the 'Didney Worl' meme is appropriate right now. This is pretty much how crazy 70% of the population gets when Disney is mentioned:

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At Disney, I stayed at one of the older resorts, but it was still beautiful nonetheless. It had a very Spanish feel to it. Our room was nicely decorated and it had a Mickey face made of towels waiting for us. If you ever plan on visiting Disney, you have to book a hotel inside of Disney. The perks are awesome. Just to name a few, you get:

- Luggage delivered directly to your hotel room (a HUGE win for me)
- Free shuttle service to and from the airport
- A Disney wristband for easy access to your hotel room, park entrances and payment (if you link a credit card to your band)
- Easy access to free park shuttles (hotels outside of Disney have free shuttles as well, but they don't drop you off in front of the park. They drop you off somewhere else and you take a Disney golf cart to the park).

There were a ton of hammocks, perfect for relaxing!
My view, clear blue skies!
I really enjoyed being at all the parks again, but my favorite has to be Epcot. It's definitely catered more towards adults. Plus, there's the 'drink your way around the world' challenge that I decided to participate in :P This was my boyfriend's first time in Disney World (crazy, right?) and he really enjoyed it. We took photos with characters, went on all the rides and just enjoyed ourselves.

I'm still sorting out all my photos, but here's a few I found below!

Entrance at Epcot
Le Duo dessert in France. Sooo good!
My Abu.
Welcome to China!
Pesto pasta was delicious!
Chicken curry and green tea. Both weren't up to my standards.
Guess who we ran into in Mexico!
We also stopped by Universal Studios. It was pretty fun, but very underwhelming compared to Disney World. The parks aren't as big. The most notable one is Harry Potter World. It was the biggest park and had the most rides and attractions. You can visit Universal in just one day. There's no transportation from Disney to Universal, but you can take an Uber or Lyft to get there.

First time having butter beer!

For the second part of our trip, we stayed in Miami. We didn't visit for too long, we only stayed for 2 days - one in Miami Beach, one in Miami Downtown. Miami Beach is beautiful and I highly recommend visiting. There are a lot of cheap hotels you can find that are just a block away from the beach. The one I stayed in only costs $90 after taxes. You don't get the view you would from your hotel room, but it's literally right next to the beach. The food was incredible as well.

Miami Downtown was really fun as well. It was the first time I went jetskiing and it was scary. You go so fast on a jetski and it's much harder to control. I was airborne a good few times because of the currents. I would do it again, but with a different instructor. He kept rushing us (it was me, my boyfriend and two other ladies) and for starters, you need someone to teach you how to work the vehicle, not yell at you to hurry up. 

The house special chicken dish at Havana 1957! It's delicious!
I had yummy steak with moro rice, grilled onions and yuca.
Tres leches dessert. So sweet, almost too sweet.
View of Downtown Miami. Sooo pretty!!
The monument on Monument Island
Post jet ski photo opp. Was a crazy once in a lifetime experience!!
Spotted a wild baby manatee. He loves fresh water!
My main dish from Vero. Can't remember the name, but it was DELICIOUS and a bit spicy.
Grand Marnier Souffle from Vero Italian in Miami Downtown.
Smoked Salmon Benedict from Cafe Bastille in Downtown Miami!
When was the last time you went to Disney World? What did you do there?

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  1. Looks like you had such a good time! And all that food! OMG my mouth is watering

  2. Wow! Great vacation! Honestly, 9 days is just as long as we need for one trip :)

  3. What fun! It's been too long since I've been to Disney.

  4. I saw some of your IG posts and was just wishing I could be there with you! Especially with that hammock. I could use one of those!!!
    I visited Disney World and Florida when I was a kid, so it's been a long time. My fave part of Disney, though, was Epcot. It was awesome. Some day I hope to go back. LOVE all your photos! =0)

  5. Wow! It looks as though you had a fantastic time! great photos. The last time that I was in Disney was when I was in my teens....quite a while ago lol.

    Keisha xo

  6. You look like you had a lot of fun in Florida! Try the West coast next time, Clearwater, Tampa And Such :)

  7. Looks like a great trip! I want to go back some day!

  8. Rather you than me on that jet ski thing! They always look so big compared with us girls!! Glad you both enjoyed yourselves - and the food all looks deliciously bad for one!


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