I Got 99 Problems But White Pants Ain't One

8:30 AM

Wearing white pants is scary. There's just so much that could go wrong. Pen marks, coffee stains, tomato sauce, the list keeps going! The scariest of all though has to be....Mother Nature. Nothing is worst than having an accidental leak that not only stained your beautiful white pants, but something that everyone else can see! Thankfully, I'm an #UnderWarrior. I don't live in fear of red marks because I'm protected.

Check out what I paired with my favorite white pants:

White pants don't scare me anymore! I can safely wear them with confidence thanks to U by Kotex®. And you can too. Pick up a free sample through their campaign page. They offer samples of their 3D Capture Core pads as well as their tampons. I know I'm talking it up, but once you try it, you'll have a worry-free smile on your face too!

Mother Nature doesn't stop me!
Check out how cute the U by Kotex® pads look!

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  1. I love wearing white pants! Yes, it can be a bit scary, but I just love them- they're perfect for spring and summer. I like the color of your blouse too. :)

  2. I got my free sample too, and the box they came in was so cute! :) Also, I love that pic of your arms up in the air! So cute!

  3. You look great in those white pants!

  4. Now that I have kids, I just don't even THINK about buying white pants...But this is a great post. I love it. Underwarrior!

    1. I don't even let anyone buy white shoes! LOL

  5. I love white pants. I have a pair of white jeans that I love wearing in the summer. The bright shirt is perfect with white!
    xoxo Lauren | Will Sing For Makeup

  6. Ha, white and me don't get along because I'm destined to spill something on it within minutes of wearing it.

  7. I'm always afraid of wearing white pants. Mostly because I'm afraid I'll drop something on them. You pull them off really well!

  8. I'm always afraid that white pants will make me look bigger than I am! Haha

  9. I love your outfits! Gorgeous combination.


  10. вам к лицу коралловый цвет

  11. I like to wear white pants as well, in the south it gets hot and the white pants make life cooler!


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