Update: 2015 Goals

8:30 AM

I wrote down my 2015 goals at the beginning of the year. I really only had 3 main things that I wanted to focus on: traveling, sky diving and being healthy/active consistently. I thought since the first quarter of the year has passed, I'd update you all on how I'm progressing! To see my full goals post, click here.


I had 6 major US cities I wanted to hit this year: Austin, Chicago, New Orleans, Miami, Disney World (my boyfriend has never been) and Vermont. I chose these particular cities because of all the wonderful things I've heard from friends and family. I'm staying within the US borders this year in order to save up for a big Eurotrip next year. Be prepared for more photos of these exciting places!

So far, I've been to Austin. I went last month during Valentine's Day/President's Day. Austin is very quirky, fun and very, very young. The average age in Austin is 26. There was a lot of great music, bars and food there. Especially food. I had the most amazing fried chicken and steak there. I'd go back just for the food! To see my full travel log, click here.

Street Art in Austin!
As for the other cities, I've only booked trips to Miami and Disney World so far. Vermont is a definite since my boyfriend's brother is having his wedding there. That'll be a nice relaxing (hopefully) retreat, if/when my boyfriend isn't doing his "Best Man" duties. New Orleans and Chicago are still up in the air. I want to book them, but I'm waiting for a good deal. Airfare and hotel can get really expensive, so I'm hoping we'll find a good deal soon.


Haven't done much for this yet. I'm waiting for a Groupon for the summertime. I see a few now near my area on Groupon, but the package is for $120. I'm waiting for the $99 one. I have a few friends who want to do it with me, so I'm super excited for it. I just hope the $99 deal will come soon!

Being Healthy/Active

Consistency is the hardest part with being healthy and active. I'm definitely becoming more active now. I've been working out 2-3 times a week, which is hard for me with blogging, chores and my long hours at work. But I'm making sure that instead of playing Trivia Crack, I'm using those 30-40 minutes to do a solid workout. I think the hardest thing is motivation. With spring/summer around the corner, it's a lot easier for me to stay on track. I need to look hot in my bathing suit for when I go to Miami! Check out one of my motivational grams below:

As for eating healthy, that's a bit trickier. I love love love anything fried or with ranch. That poses a really big problem because I can't have any of that if I'm trying to eat healthier. After all, 70% of losing weight in is your diet. And so far, my diet is not looking good. I am starting to cook more at home, but it's very basic stuff like grilled chicken or salmon. I usually have it with pasta or chili. I need more greens on my plate for sure. I'm looking up ways on how to cook kale and other leafy greens (like photo below), so we'll see how this turns out in the next few months!

Taken from bon apetit - 11 Quick & Easy Ways to Cook Kale

How have you been progressing with your goals? Share below.

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  1. Skydiving? How daring, May! I wish you achieve all!

  2. You are so brave, May! Skydiving is something I would never want to try... My husband says, he jumped 9 times before we met. He has a certificate that proves that. It still blows my mind after all these years. I think, I would not believe him if he did not have that certificate :)

    1. Wow Natalia, that's crazy! I'm scared to do it once, I can't imagine doing it 9 times! He's a brave, brave man.

  3. Great goals! I used to want to try skydiving but I am way too scared now. haha

    1. I'm still scared LOL. It's apparently really rare to die from skydiving, but it still gets to me sometime. I don't think it'll feel real until I actually jump!

  4. You have some awesome goals! I love that you have skydiving on your list. I should add something adventurous to mine!
    xoxo Lauren | Will Sing For Makeup

  5. I'm probably never be brave like you with a skydiving.... but I checked my bucket list for flying a small airplane over the ocean last month!!!! Wooohooo!!!!

  6. Great goals May, I truly hope you achieve them all! When it comes to traveling and beaing healthy / active, I definitely agree with you, but I'm not sure I'd be brave enough for skydiving. :D


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