Top 10 Romantic Restaurants in Jersey City #Dinner4Valentines

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Have a date on Valentine's Day, but not sure where to take him/her? Not to fret! If you're in the Jersey City area (and why wouldn't you be? It's awesome), you're in luck. I've listed the top 10 romantic restaurants in the area that'll make the night unforgettable. The dim lit setting and the soft music playing in the background...can you just feel the love in the air? And as a Yelp Elite, you can trust me. I live and breathe for food (and makeup). Let's see what these restaurants bring (in no particular order):

1. GP's Restaurant

This is the most recent restaurant I've been to. I came here for my 2 year anniversary last month. The restaurant is conveniently located across from Newport Mall, minutes away from the Newport PATH stop. It's a quaint little restaurant. As you walk there, you'll come across brightly lit lights around trees. It's a beautiful sight, especially with snow on the ground. The mood is already set before you step foot in the restaurant.

GP's serves authentic Italian food, known for their playful twists on the classics. My boyfriend ordered the Chicken Scarpariello with sweet Italian sausage and pepperoncini. I took a different route and ordered the Grilled Salmon with Vegetables over a Roasted Shallot Sherry Vinaigrette (see below). It was absolutely delicious. If you're a fan of salmon, I highly recommend it.

Price: More on the pricey side. Dinner entrees are on average $20 a plate.
Must-Get Item: Prosciutto and White Bean Puree Crostini as an Appetizer to share, Choclate Torte for Dessert

To read my full review of GP's Restaurant, click here.

2. Honshu

If you and your date are huge Ramen fans, this is the spot to hit up. Honshu is known for their Udon and Ramen bowls, which are well-priced given the quality of the food and the quantity you get. The restaurant is also conveniently located near the Exchange Place PATH and is a block away from the waterfront. After a nice bowl of ramen, I recommend walking to the waterfront and checking out the view. It's definitely worth seeing, despite the cold winter weather.

Price: Affordable. One of the cheaper Asian restaurants in the area.
Must-Get Item: Spicy Tuna Tartar for Appetizer

To read more about Honshu, visit their Yelp page here.

3. Maritime Parc

I've heard many great things about Maritime Parc, but I haven't fully experienced it myself yet. This upscale restaurant is located in Liberty State Park, right along the Marina. They have beautiful views of the NYC skyline, so make sure to get a table near a window. They serve American classics with a twist. From mash potato rings to pork burgers to key lime parfaits with white chocolate and mango bon bons, you'll find something to remember for days.

Price: Entrees start at $30. I wouldn't come here on a first date unless you're trying to set the bar high.
Must-Get Item: Duck Fat Fries

To read more about Maritime Parc, visit their Yelp page here.

4. Razza Pizza Artigianale

I like to think of Razza as a classy pizza joint. It certainly takes you by surprise when first coming here. The restaurant has a warm, rustic feel to it with all the wooden furniture and decor. They even serve bread and butter on what looks like a stone slab. Plus, they always have a live band play near the entrance. I remember a bass, vocals, saxophone and trumpet. Very romantic indeed.
Price: A little on the expensive side. A whole pizza is around $16. It's too big for one person, but too small for two people. I recommend a pizza and an appetizer.
Must-Get Item: Meatballs. I heard they're divine!

To read my full review of Razza Pizza Artigianale, click here.

5. Battello

Battello is a romantic Italian restaurant along the harbor. They have floor to ceiling windows, giving everyone who dines there a breathtaking view of the NYC skyline. Their decor makes the place feel very homey. The large windows makes the restaurant feel open and exposed. There are mini light bulbs dangling from the ceiling that covers the entire room in dim light. When it's dark out, the light bulbs almost look like stars against the night sky. The romantic feel alone is worth coming for, not to mention their high quality food.

Price: Expensive. Entrees start at $27 and portions are small. The food is delicious though.
Must-Get Item: Squid ink Cavatelli

To read more about Battello, visit their Yelp page here.

6. Liberty Prime Steakhouse

Nothing says love like a well-cooked and seasoned steak, am I right? A good steak says it all and that's what Liberty Prime Steakhouse has to offer, among other delicious eats. After all ladies, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!

Price: A little on the pricey side. Entrees start at $24 per plate and are even higher if you're ordering steak
Must-Get Item: Any Steak

To read more about Liberty Prime Steakhouse, visit their Yelp page here.

7. Teppan Bar & Grill

Looking for a sushi place close to Grove Street? This is it. I was truly amazed when I walked into this restaurant. The outside doesn't look too inviting, it blends into the condo building next door. Once you walk in though, it's like a whole new world. The place is decorated beautifully with Asian-inspired art and it's very sleek and modern with its' dark colored walls and soft colored accents. Definitely a place to go to on a dinner date.
Price: If you order regular sushi rolls, it's not bad, but signature rolls are quite pricey. They definitely are unique though, so I recommend sharing one.
Must-Get Item: Hawaiian Tartar (Tuna, Salmon, Mango, Avocado, Tobiko, Macadamia Nuts)

To read my full review of Teppan Bar & Grill, click here.

8. Fire & Oak

Located in the Westin Hotel, this restaurant is as homey as you can get. The name itself suggests a very intimate setting and that's exactly what you get. The restaurant is decorated in wood, it almost makes you feel like you're in a modern and luxurious cabin. Candles are lit everywhere and there are pieces of chopped wood near the front as decorating pieces. Romantic factor is at its' highest here!

Price: More on the pricey side. Burgers are $15-20, Entrees are on average $23 a dish.
Must-Get Item: Kobe Burger De Luxe with Truffle Fries

To read more about Fire & Oak, visit their Yelp page here.

9. Sawadee

The Thai cuisine at Sawadee is delicious. Some of their more authentic dishes are even better than the widely known Pad Thai dish. Their curries are very flavorful and they have a wide selection of noodle dishes to choose from. I recommend the Pad Kee Mao if you like it spicy and the Pineapple Fried Rice. You wouldn't think warm pineapple tastes good with rice and chicken, but it does. As for the ambiance, they excel in this category. The decor is lavish and beautiful, especially along the back wall. Makes for a great conversation starter!

Price: They're a tad pricey, but better than a lot of other places in the area.
Must-Get Item: Lychee Green Iced Tea for Drink, Curry Puffs for Appetizer

To read my full review of Sawadee, click here.

10. Roman Nose

Located on the ever-popular Newark Ave, Roman Nose is one of the first restaurants you'll see along this busy street. The restaurant is quaint - the place is cozy with candle-lit tables and wine racks stacked high behind the bar that doubles as decor. They are rich in history as well, with old photos of Italy hanging along the walls. Roman Nose offers the Italian classics made with the highest and freshest ingredients. It's also BYOB, so you can pair wine with your entree without spending all that money.

Broccoli Rabe from Roman Nose. Spicy and delicious.
Price: Affordable. On average, it's about $11-12 for a pasta dish.
Must-Get Item: Nonna Memma’s Cookie - so delicious you'll have to get two.

To read my full review of Roman Nose, click here.

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  1. Great reviews! Too bad I am not in the Jersey City area :)

  2. Wow...If I ever go to Jersey, I'll be ready to tackle the foodie scene! These places look amazing!

  3. Well now I'm starving! Thanks a lot :P Great choices, May! They all look awesome!

  4. OMGGG...I wanna eat everything. EVERYTHING!

  5. Thanks for the great review I am looking for a great place for me and my boyfriend TO go for Valentine's day. Im in Jersey but only for a couple of months then we ARE moving.

  6. Thanks for the great review I am looking for a great place for me and my boyfriend TO go for Valentine's day. Im in Jersey but only for a couple of months then we ARE moving.


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