5 Unique Wedding Bands for Women Found On Etsy

8:30 AM

As I'm searching for my wedding band, I find a lot of the same. The typical straight, narrow plain band or with diamonds on the band. Nothing special. What I want is something unique that will also look great with my engagement ring. I decided to start my search on Etsy - an e-commerce site known for one-of-a-kind handmade goods. Here's what I found:

1. Curved Wedding Bands

Who knew something as simple as a slight curve can make a wedding band look so beautiful? It's so simple, but it changes the look at a lot. The curve will highlight the engagement ring and make that more prominent. Plus, the curved design fits most shapes!

2. Marquise Wedding Bands

I personally love Marquise rings. They add a nice flair to the engagement ring, but also look great worn separately. They're also very versatile - you can wear them on top of the engagement ring like a crown or flip it upside down and wear it underneath.

3. Art Deco Wedding Bands

Art deco rings date back from the Roaring 20's and are known for their geometric and bold designs. They believed in living ostentatiously so the rings were fairly ornate. Though you can take that route, the modern day Art Deco rings are eye-catching in their design, but are still elegant and simplistic.

4. Open Ring Wedding Band

These actually look really nice, when done right. These work well if your engagement rings have a large design, like a halo, or have multiple diamonds instead of one center diamond.

5. Tapered Wedding Band

Ok, so to be fair, this tapered wedding band I found isn't sold on Etsy. It's sold on Tiffany's. But it's so simple and beautiful that I just had to share it. It's just one simple change (the band is squeezed in the middle), but it looks so elegant and classic!

What do you think? Do you think you'll get a unique wedding band?


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