Rent the Runway Rental Review

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I've been hearing "You have to try Rent the Runway, it's amazing" a lot lately. I've actually been meaning to try it out, but have been putting it off because I couldn't find an occasion to rent a dress for. Then, a trip to California randomly popped up. This was my chance, I thought. It just so happened that RTR was also having a rent 1, get 2 free sale when I was booking my trip. This is fate, right? I browsed the website, found a few cute outfits and booked it for my trip! Let's take a look:

Lilly Pulitzer Blue Printed Lace Shift Dress

I love this dress. The color doesn't do it justice online, it is much brighter in person. The reviews were very positive on the website, but as I was reading them, a lot of the comments mentioned this as a "dress suitable for older women." I completely disagree. Young or old, this is a fun pattern for summer. I think any age group can pull this off. I also love how the front part is a zip up. You can go more conservative and zip all the way up to the neck or make it a little sexier by zipping up right to your chest. 

Rent the Runway dress rental

I kept my accessories fairly neutral with this dress. Because the colors are bright and it's a patterned dress, I didn't want to overwhelm the outfit with more colors and patterns. This way my outfit feels balanced rather than clashing.

I was so excited for this top. I've been wanting to wear something off-the-shoulder for a while and California was my chance. I was going to Venice Beach after all. When I saw the top, I fell in love with it. It was exactly like the photo pictured. The lace was really nice and I like how they have a built in bra as well. My only complaint is that the shirt is slightly big on me. The lace flairs out a little too much and makes me look somewhat wide. Otherwise, it was the perfect summer shirt.

I did rent a third item, however, it didn't fit me. I took a risk with it to be honest. There weren't any reviews online, but I thought I'd go for it anyway. That didn't work out so well. Make sure you read the reviews and look at photos before renting anything!
Another good tip after my first experience: try shipping it to your hotel instead of your home if you're renting for a vacation. In my instance, I ordered 3 outfits for just a 4 day rental. BUT I had it delivered to me the night before my flight and I packed it in my suitcase. By the time I was on the plane, it was already day 2 and I landed late at night in California. I didn't get a chance to wear my outfits until day 3. It's tricky because a 4 day rental is really more like a 2 full day rental. You receive it by 8pm on day 1 and you have to return it by 12pm on day 4.
Overall, I'm pretty happy with my first RTR experience! I have a few weddings coming up this year that I'll definitely need a dress for. I may be coming back to Rent the Runway to save me from purchasing an expensive dress.
Have you tried the rental service before? Share your experience below.


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