Sephora BI Sale Picks

8:30 AM

Sephora usually has a 10-20% off spring sale in April (my fellow beauty junkies would know this!). I'm fairly confident it'll happen again this year, though I'm not too confident of the dates. I couldn't find anything online when I searched. Just in case, I have my cart ready and prepped for checkout. Check out my top picks below:

This is my go-to brush cleanser. I don't use anything else because this just works so effectively. It gets out the toughest foundation grime and leaves my brushes feeling soft and clean!

Atelier is my new obsession. I've sampled some of their fragrances, Orange Sanguine and Sud Magnolia, and I'm in love with them. They're fresh and long lasting. I love the idea of "wardrobing" your fragrances - you need a different scent for every occasion! Plus, the colorful bottles stand out beautifully and would really add a bright vibe to my fragrance collection.

I'm debating on whether I should get the wardrobe or the palette. The Palette contains the same number of scents, but the size is significantly smaller. I don't tend to wear fragrances a lot, so I feel this would be a better use of my money, rather than buying a large size I'll never use up. What do you think I should do? Get the small size or invest in the larger sprays?

I love Urban Decay's lipsticks. Their vast color selection and ultra cool packaging gets me every time. I'm thinking picking up a neutral color, like this Carnal shade below, and a bold shade for spring, like Tryst. For $17, they're very affordable, which basically means I'm getting more than one haha.

I wandered into a Sephora while I was at the mall one day (that keeps happening, I don't know why!) and I found myself at the Bare Minerals section. I used to be a user of their powder foundation, but I outgrew that after my teenage years. My current Armani Luminous Silk foundation better suits my skin. I did see this serum concealer though and gave it a try. It blended in perfectly with my foundation and the coverage is pretty high. I was impressed with it. I didn't need a concealer then, but I'm about to run out of my current one. This would be the perfect time to pick this puppy up!

This is a little "what the heck" for me. I never thought I'd want to highlight my face, especially since I'm so oily as is already. But the reviews are coming in hot and everyone says it's amazing! I have to pick it up and see what the hype is about. If highlighting is done right, it can look really nice. But then again, I'm doing it and odds are, it's going to turn out completely wrong. A review post is in the near future.....

Do you plan on getting anything during Sephora's BI sale? Share below!


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  1. The serum concealer sounds splendid! One of my friends used to swear by Bare Minerals.


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