Apri Rocksbox Jewelry Review

8:30 AM

Rocksbox has changed since I last subscribed (my first review here). They've revamped their look - logo and colors feel more luxe than they did before. I'm loving the blue box and pink ribbon! I like that they still keep a monthly fee vs a box fee, you can get multiple boxes in a month if you're a jewelry junkie like me! Let's take a look into my first box:

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription

I'm loving the colorful wrapping paper, it's so cute! It's feels like you're unwrapping a gift every time you get a box. Each month, you get 3 jewelry pieces based on your wish list. I personally love earrings and necklaces, but I'm not the biggest fan of bracelets. I have a ton of them and I never wear it out!

The three pieces I received are: Perry Street Astrid Necklace, Slate Don't Leave Me Hanging Ear Jacket and Gorjana Greer V neck Necklace. I've actually gotten the v-neck necklace in a previous box and I'm happy to see it again! Love the daintiness and simplicity of the necklace. It's perfect alone or layered with other necklaces.

Slate Don't Leave Me Hanging Ear Jacket : I was looking forward to receiving these earrings, but they weren't what I expected. They were much bigger than I anticipated and looked more costume-y than luxury. I tried them on and didn't like how they looked on me, so I never even wore these out. For $54, this wasn't worth it to me!

Perry Street Astrid Necklace: Fringe? Yes please! I love necklaces with a bit of a flair and this one has character. The Astrid necklace has a nice pop of blue, which adds color to any outfit. I paired it with a white dress to really make the blue stand out. I really like this necklace, but I didn't end up getting it because I have a similar one already (see my white after Labor Day post).

One of the biggest changes Rocksbox made was to their pricing strategy. This subscription service now costs $21/month instead of $19/month, BUT instead of getting $10 credit to spend every month, you now get $21 credit. So your whole month's payment can be credit towards any jewelry purchase in any of your boxes!

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