Petite Fashion Hacks: Fixing Low Neck Tops

8:30 AM

I'm petite. No matter where I shop from, nothing fits me perfectly. There are times where I find something cute, try it on and find that the XS/XSP is way too large on me. I've had this issue many, many times to the point where I've learned how to fix my clothes. You can do a lot with a sewing machine and some basic sewing skills. Today, I'm sharing an easy way to adjust a low neck top/dress.

Today's lesson will require a sewing machine. You can check out a few of my previous tutorials - clothing hacks for petites and a clothing hacks II for no-sew fixes.

I have this one dress from Tobi I love, but the v neck top is way too long! You can clearly see my bra from the front and side (that's a nightmare!). See photos below:

Fixing Low Neck Tops

To start, turn the garment inside out. We will be sewing the top portion of the garment, where the two pieces of fabric intersect on the shoulders. We will take that seam in, shortening the length of the top and lifting the low neckline up. Be careful of how many inches you take in the seam by. Start with half an inch on each side. Try on the dress. Is it still too low? Take it in by another half an inch. And keep repeating. The last thing you want to do is take in too much and have the armhole right against your armpit (if that's ever happened to you, you'll know how uncomfortable it is!). 

I ended up taking in the seam by 1.25 inches. Now, when I put the dress on, it fits perfectly. It's still a little low, but you cannot see my bra anymore! What a perfect fix! You can do this for all of your tanks. I don't recommend this process for T-shirts or any shirts with sleeves. There's a different approach to take with sleeves that I will show you in a later tutorial.

What do you think of this clothing hack? Was it useful? Share your thoughts below!


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  1. I really need this. Sometimes I just don't buy tops because of this problem, now you've given me a way to fix it. Thank you for joining The Really Crafty Link Party this week. Pinned!


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