Spring Fashion Must Haves

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Spring officially starts in three days. If you live in the Northeast like me, it definitely doesn't feel like it. We just had a major snowstorm earlier this week that brought us over a foot of snow. Anyway, enough talk about the cold. It's time to switch gears and get your wardrobe ready for spring. What are the hottest trends for spring you ask? Read on for the full list of fashion items every girl needs this season:

Spring Fashion Must Haves
Slogan Tees

Seriously, how do people live without slogan tees? They're comfy, cute and can be dressed up or down depending on how you style them. Throw on a sweater jacket and a pair of jeans for a casual day doing errands. Pair them with a pleated skirt and some pumps for a date-night look. Whatever the occasion, the slogan tee can fit seamlessly in your outfit (it's why I love them). I am especially a fan of snarky phrases or silly puns on shirts. I pretty much get to be sarcastic without saying a word!
Denim Jacket

One of my favorite light jackets is a denim jacket. It's thick enough that it will keep you warm, but light enough that it doesn't overheat you. Plus, denim jackets look great with a lot of different patterns and colors. I prefer the medium wash denim jacket the best, it's the most versatile color. I bought one about a month ago and I love wearing it. I look great in blue!
Floral Jumpsuit

I know this sounds scary....but trust me on this, it can look really cute. I actually bought a floral jumpsuit from ASOS two years ago and I LOVE wearing it. The pattern is especially perfect for this season. I'm a huge fan of the floral print in general, so I felt comfortable taking a risk like buying a floral jumpsuit. The best way to accessorize a floral jumpsuit? CONFIDENCE. You'll turn heads and don't be shy about it. You look hot and you're killing this season's trend, hold your chin up high!

Do them the right way! Wearing items with horizontal stripes makes you look wider. Wearing items with vertical stripes makes you look elongated and slimmer. This is a true statement. Be careful with what you choose. It might look cute on the rack, but if it doesn't accentuate your body correctly, it won't look right on you. Keep in mind, the thicker the stripes, the more emphasis it gives (wider or slimmer). If you want to be safe, stick with pinstripes. They're very light and not as noticeable.
What do you think of these looks? What is a fashion must have for you this season?


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