Stitch Fix #5

8:30 AM

If you've read my last Fix review, you know that I was not happy with what I received. The styles weren't aligned with what's in my profile, so Stitch Fix ended up apologizing and waived the fee for my next Fix. I love Stitch Fix and I've gotten great things from there, so I decided to give it another shot. After all, what did I have to lose? Let's take a look...

Fuschia Floral Dress 

Love the pattern of this dress, I'm a huge lover of florals. They're fun and scream spring/summer. My two complaints about this are the fit and the collar. Even though I've indicated that I'm petite in my profile, I don't think many of the clothes I receive are tailored to petite frames. This dress is very bulky near the waist and it doesn't show my figure that well; it actually hides it.

Kut From the Kloth Denim Jacket - $45

This is the only item in my Fix that I remember the name and price of (sorry guys!). I was actually really debating on whether I should get this or not. I really want a denim jacket and this is so cute. The sleeves are a bit long, but I think I could get away with rolling them up. The chest area though is too big for me. I do wish it was slightly tighter, it would've been perfect! I didn't end up buying this, I actually went on Amazon and bought a jacket similar to it for half the price.

Scallop Hem Blouse Shirt - Price: $54

I really liked this shirt, I thought the sizing was accurate and perfect for my petite frame. I was disappointed with the price though. As much as I like this shirt, it just wasn't worth $54 to me. I would spend about $40 max on a sleeveless shirt. I would only spend over $40 for pants, sweaters, dresses and jackets. I unfortunately sent this back.

Gray Sweater with Open Back - Price: $45

I didn't like it that much when I took it out of the bag. I didn't think it would look good on me, but I actually love it! I ended up purchasing it because I love the fit and the open back is sexy without being too much.

Overall, I really liked my Fix compared to my last one. It was much more my style! If you're interested in getting your own personal stylist, sign up for Stitch Fix here. Which piece did you like best from this Fix? Share below!


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  1. I LOVE the gray sweater with the open back <3

    1. I do too! It was one of the items that surprised me. Didn't think I would like it at all!

  2. The only one that I love is the grey sweater with the open back but I have to be honest, the clothes seems way overpriced.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


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