Product Review: Naked Ultimate Basics Palette

8:30 AM

This is a long overdue review. Seriously, I've had this palette for a couple of months now and have been raving about it everywhere except for my blog! Blasphemy I know...I won't prolong it anymore. Today, I'm going to review Urban Decay's Naked Ultimate Basics palette. One of the reasons I love Naked Basics is its' simplicity. The palette is smaller than their 1, 2, 3 & Smoky, making it very travel friendly, and it has colors that can be worn with any outfit during any time of the day. I had the same expectations of the Ultimate Basics, except the finish was going to be matte instead of a little glittery/shiny.

Wow, the palette is stunning! It contains 12 new and exclusive shades that allow you to create many, different looks. I'm really impressed with the versatility of the product. You have very similar colors to what you see in Naked Basics & Naked2 Basics, but there are also shades that are great for a more dramatic, smoky effect.

I also swatched the colors on my arm so you can see how beautiful they are on skin. I have to say, I love the top row of colors. They're gorgeous purple-mauves. It just makes me want to don a purple smoky eye (I could never pull that off though).

I created a simple neutral look, perfect for everyday wear. I kept the neutral look with a mauve lip, sporting a lipstick by Kat Von D. What do you think?

Shirt look familiar? It's my DIY Bride shirt that I made myself once I got engaged. I also made similar shirts for my bridal party, the full DIY is here. I included them in their proposal boxes I made last weekend (which they all loved!)

Have you tried the Naked Ultimate Basics palette? Share your thoughts below!


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