5 Unique Bridal Squad Shirts + Giveaway

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The best part about a bridal party is when you're rocking the bride squad shirts. Whether you're headed out for a wild bachelorette party or you're spending the afternoon sipping tea at a bridal shower, you want you & your squad to look fabulous (uh #squadgoals anyone?). Part of winning at #squadgoals is in the shirts. Team Bride can be cute, but here are a few that are a little more out-of-the-ordinary and will take your bride squad to the next level.

1. He put a ring on my hand / Put a drink in my hand

I'm all about the LOLs. This bridal squad shirt is quite funny (and true). You'll not only get a few laughs, but your bridesmaids will be drowning in free drinks! This cute shirt combo is sold by Bachette, a store dedicated to Bachelorette party shirts.

2. Feyonce / Single Ladies

Girls, who run the world? WE DO. If you're as big of a bey fan as I am, you'll love these shirts. Beyonce's name is so creatively changed into 'Feyonce' and the bridesmaid shirts are all lyrics or song titles from her previous albums. This unique duo is sold on Bridal Party Tees. 

3. He popped the question / We're poppin' bottles

Poppin' bottles in the ice, like a blizzard / When we drink, we do it right gettin' slizzard....oh sorry, I got lost for a second. Remember Far East Movement? This shirt combo reminds me of the song 'Like a G6.' Another creative way to let people know you're getting drunk celebrating an engagement. TrexAndUnicorn are the makers of these poppin' shirts.

4. Mug Shot Signs

Who says a bachelorette party needs a shirt? Think out of the box and go for these hilarious mug shot signs by FromMe2YouCreations instead. Throughout the night, get your bride squad to pause the fun to take some unforgettable photos with these cards. Who's the bad influence in the group? Saucy n' bossy? These are not only very fun, but they can be re-used for practically any occasion.

5. Drunk in Love / Just Drunk

These shirts are a fun play on Beyonce's song 'Drunk in Love.' If I was a bridesmaid, I would be proudly sporting my 'Just Drunk' shirt with a glass of wine. I have a feeling my bridal party would love this; we all enjoy a good laugh. BrideSquads sell these fun tees for under $20 each!

BrideSquads is partnering with me to bring a free tank or tee giveaway! Awesome right? Details on how to enter are below. If you can't wait, you can pick up a shirt for 15% off with code 'LAVIE.' It's a pretty amazing deal, so don't sit on it for too long!

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  1. OMG all of the sets shown here are SO cute! I really like the poppin set (reminds me of the song too). I also like the set they have in the shop that says "I'm getting married/So we're getting drunk" - so fun!

  2. Very cute idea! But as I'm not planning on being a bridesmaid any time soon, I'd probably pick the I can't run I am a mermaid tee!

  3. He put a ring on my hand my niece is getting married she would love these.

  4. I love mermaids, so I would want the I can't run I am a mermaid tee.

  5. I love the homegrown onesie-so cute.
    Flyergal82 at (yahoo /dot! -com}

  6. I would like to get the Just Drunk tank.

  7. I believe I would get the Disney inspired Bride tee :) I'm having somewhat of a Disney themed wedding and going to Walt Disney World on my honeymoon so this would be fitting! <3

  8. I would get the "He popped the question" ones! So cute!

  9. I would get the "he popped the question" ones! So cute!

  10. I like dogs before dudes! :)


  11. This comment has been removed by the author.


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