Styling for a Hipless Girl: Dresses & Skirts Edition

9:00 AM

I'm a stick. Literally, a stick. The actual term for my body type is 'Banana-shaped', where your bust and shoulders are about the same width as your hips. It's probably the most unflattering of all the body types. But luckily, there's a myriad of styles that'll turn our hipless figures into a curvy sensation. Let's see what they are....

1. The A-Line Dress

A-Line dresses are one of my favorite styles. The name derives from the 'A' shape that the skirt or dress forms. It's tight near the waist and it flares out towards the bottom. The cinched fabric near the waist gives more volume to that area which accentuates the hips. This style is a staple in every girl's closet and is easy to find in any store/brand.

Full outfit details here.
2. The Empire Waist Dress

Empire waist has a higher waist line, usually just below the bust. The dress is fitted on top and then flares out below the empire waist. Similar to the A-line dress, the flare creates the illusion of curvy hips. This style also brings attention to the bust area as well. 

Dress: Forever 21, Necklace: DIY, see here.
3. The Pencil Skirt

Ah, another classic shape! The pencil skirt should be your best friend. It's an easy-going piece that you can either dress up or down. What's interesting is how the top of the skirt is wider than the bottom of the skirt. That creates a bit of a 'V' shape, highlighting the hips. 

Full outfit details here.
4. The Full Skirt

This is very similar to the A-line shape, except it's much fuller, hence the name 'Full skirt'. The added flare brings the focus to that area. This is one of my favorite styles, I can just twirl in this skirt all day long! Tip: this isn't a great option when it's windy out. The wind picks up full skirts easily, so you need to be quick to hold the skirt down or you'll end up flashing everyone within 10 feet of you. Yes, that's happened to me before and no, I don't want to talk about it.

Shirt + Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Shiekh Shoes
    Hope you guys enjoyed the post! Let me know if you agree/disagree in the comments below!
Disclosure: I am in no way speaking against any body type or favoring one body type over another. I am simply giving tips on how to enhance one's natural shape.  

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  1. Wow, you look amazing!
    I love that black dress.
    I'm not sure of what shape I am, but I'm suspecting apple. Now, THAT, is the worst shape ever. Not that it's a competition or anything; we all have our own ish to deal with. Lol. :-P

    1. Haha, I think it's weird how all these body shapes are named after fruits. Who thought of that??

    2. Lol, for some reason, I'm imagining some lady who was called a "style expert" from the 1920s thought of that. You know how back in the olden days, people had to go to the movie theaters to get the news on everything from world events to fashion, if they didn't want to read the newspapers? I'm imagining some authoritative female figure, all decked out in the latest fashion and makeup, talking about apples and pears. :-P

  2. Such adorable looks! I really love the first dress.
    xoxo Lauren | Will Sing For Makeup

  3. Excellent styling of your body shape! You look lovely in all of the outfits you have found!

  4. You look amazing May! I love every last look.

    Keisha xo

  5. Great picks! I love pencil skirts, though my hips love full skirts more! ;)

  6. Love all your outfit choices! Especially since I'm pear shaped I steer towards fuller skirts and A-line dresses

  7. May:

    You look great in all of the looks. I think you are so right about these styles and what is also referred to as the boyish shape or rectangle shape. The tips you provided are perfect for this figure type. This is such a great post.



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