Shave the Date: Meeting the Parents

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My boyfriend is meeting my parents for the first time tonight! Ahhh! This is extremely huge because my parents don't like meeting people I date. They like meeting people I'm serious with. So after over a year and a half together, I think he's ready to meet the folks and they're ready to meet him.

When you first meet the parents, presentation is everything. My mom can tell everything about you by just looking at you. You don't have to say a word. Hair unkempt? Forgot to shave? Clothes wrinkled? These are all little signs that add up to a bad impression. When I told my boyfriend about this, he knew he had to step up his game a little.

First thing he did was shave. A clean shaven face is much more presentable than a scruffy one, even though, I love a little scruff. I'll admit it, scruff is sexy, but sexy doesn't get your parents' approval. So he picked up the new Gilette FlexBall razor and got to work. Check out the IG video I created to see the difference!

Better Shave Face

Hard at work.  BF says the FlexBall glides to the contours of your face for a closer shave. 

 His smooth face looks great right? There's a little boyish charm to it. Want to check out the other #SmoothSummer faces? Check out Krystal's board below.

A shaved face isn't the only thing he focused on! He knows it takes more than just a beardless face for my parents to be impressed. Next, he tackled his hair. Gary rarely does anything to it. He pretty much leaves it the way it is from the moment he wakes up. But again, you need to turn it up a notch when you're meeting the parents. For a more sophisticated look, he parted his hair to the side with some hair paste. The texture and hold of the paste is much better for styling men's hair than a gel or a mousse.

And finally, the wardrobe. A tee and cargo shorts are great for a relaxing summer day, not for dinner with the parents. We're going to make some slight adjustments to make it more appropriate. For example, the tee is now replaced with a polo. The collar and longer sleeves make him look more refined, plus the fabric is very lightweight, making it comfortable for the wearer. The cargo shorts need to go as well. Substitute for a nice pair of dark wash jeans or khakis instead.

Behold...the head-to-toe transformation:

Before and After

What do you guys think of my main man? The clean shaven face, the coiffed hair and the polo really add some sophistication to his look. How did your man look when he first met your parents? I'd love to hear stories!

Just a side note before I go, if you're interested in the razor, you can check out the Gilette FlexBall online or in your local Wal-Mart (where my boyfriend got his, I'm sure they have it in other drugstores as well).

Walmart Shaving Aisle
Look for this aisle for the Gilette FlexBall Razor!

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  1. Your man looks great for the date! Ogre shaved for the first vacation we went on with my parents - and we both agreed not to do it again. Turns out he has too much of a baby face under the facial hair. ;D

    1. Haha, I agree, men are much better with a little scruff! I think my BF has kind of a baby face too.

  2. Looking good! I have no idea what my husband wore the first time he met my parents. I do know that he met my mom after we'd been dating for just a week, and she loved him instantly. I also know that he shaved his face completely only once in the 5 years we were together and we both agreed he should never do it again! Much like Kristin's beau, my Hubs has a baby face too!

    1. Wow, that's so early! My mom would never agree to meet a guy I was dating for only a week! lol. Glad it ended up working for you though!

  3. He looks fantastic! My boyfriend is Rasta...long dreads down his back and goti. No shaving going on there lol!
    I hope the meeting goes well :)

    Keisha xo

  4. He looks great! My husband and I have been together for 11 years; I think he was clean shaven when he first met my parents. #client


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