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1st Annual Blog Sale - Beauty & Accessories

I own a TON of beauty products and accessories. When I say "a ton", I mean there's no room in my apartment for it anymore. I have significantly less space than I did before, so I can't afford having all this excess stuff lying around. I was about to throw it away when my friend said, "You have some great stuff! I'm sure there are other beauty junkies who would love to buy some of this. Why don't you sell it instead?" And that's how the 1st Annual Blog Sale was born. For now, it'll be annual, unless my collection grows insanely fast and I need to have one more than once a year.

If you're interested in any of the stuff below, please email me at info@lavieenmay.com. Shipping will vary per item and how many items purchased. I will be using USPS for shipping and including a tracking number with every purchase. Payment will be done via Paypal. All products are unused/unopened unless otherwise stated. Let me know if you have any questions. I want you to feel confident when making a purchase.  :)

Pearl Collar Necklace

Geometric Triangle Earrings

Mustache Earrings

Eiffel Tower Stud Earrings
Fabric earrings (made by me!)
Victoria Secret Secret Crush Lotion; Pink Hair Comb
Fabric bracelet
Julep Luxe Hand Creme
Weaved wallet
Left to right: Formula X Xplosive Top Coat in 'Demolition', NYC Nail Color in 'Times Square Tangerine Creme',
Nails Inc. Special Effects in 'Crackle', Revlon in 'Vixen'
Left to right: Not sure what brand, but the color is 'Too dimensional', Julep Nail Color in 'Annika', NYC Nail
Color in 'Pink Promenade Creme', Revlon Moon Candy in 'Galactic', Julep Matte Nail Color
Spring Teardrop Necklace; Small Dangle Earrings


  1. How big are the geometric triangle earrings? :)

    1. The geometric earrings are 5 inches long from top to bottom and the width of the triangle (largest part of the triangle) is 2.5 inches.

    2. Wow! They are quite large then...probably to heavy for my flimsy earlobes, haha.

    3. I usually stick with smaller earrings because bigger ones are heavy, but the triangle earrings are surprisingly light for its' size!

  2. Wow. Loved the geometric earrings. Fabrics earrings look super fun. How to do it?


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