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No More Tears: The Buyer's Remorse Edition

It’s a glorious moment when I buy something new. From start to finish the process can be something beautiful: the joy that when I realise that I have little spare money to treat myself, the hum of anticipation when hunting among the shops and stalls, to the low thrill when I spot my desired. It’s going to be mine.

But as a frequent offender/shopaholic, it’s not just all highs – there are (self-imposed) lows. And it’s called buyer’s remorse. You could be enjoying your shiny new bauble a few days after the purchase only to notice the significant colour fade or tear in the material when it’s too late. Don’t fall into the trap of see-love-buy without considering the longevity and quality of the item. Here are my top five offenders to be wary of:

Photo credit: Fifi Gallagher
This is no naming-and-shaming upon the fluffy jumpers in Topshop/Primark (I currently own two versions) but do consider the materials that have gone into creating your favourite winter warmer. For trend-led pieces this might not be a major concern but do scrutinise the care label inside the knitwear for anything that you intend of lasting as a classic: a high percentage of wool, angora and cashmere will ensure both luxury and long lifespan.

That moment when you turn over your favourite ring and see it all bronzed and burnished after a few days’ wear is a dagger to the heart of most jewellery lovers. Buying the latest trinket for a few pounds is almost more temptation than most of us can bear (and too many times I’ve just given in…!) but it’s worth spending a little more for better quality. I’m not talking Cartier or Tiffany’s here but boutique jewellery is a very possible option for those fed up with green marks and rusty silver on their thumbs. 

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Don’t buy those delicate blush-coloured shoes unless you have a Prince Charming to lay a scarf over every puddle you may pass. Suede is also a no-no as May has mentioned in her winter essentials post. You may love these kinds of shoes when they’re perfectly pristine, but think ahead. At least one muddy season ahead. 

Kitchen Equipment
You may not have thought twice about that ASDA Smart Price kettle through your university days, but it might be time to take a good, hard look at it next time it breaks down on you. Buying the same model over and over again to replace it the broken predecessor isn’t the wisest move if it has a proven history of faultiness. Don’t be lured just because the item in question is cheap – even if they aren’t your faithful ankle boots, your kitchen utensils go through the same daily grind!

Photo credit: Sibel
Basically falling under the same category of shoes for the same reasons, the only other thing to consider while buying bags is size. Speaking as a micro-bag girl, sometimes the tiny messenger satchel just won’t hold everything you need for the office. Hide your lunchbox by buying the larger shoulder bag, and don’t forget to buy it in leather if you want it to last.    

This is a guest post by Anita Wong. Contact Anita on Twitter @houndstoothian.


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    1. Thanks Ray! Anita was very sweet to share this information with all of my readers.

  2. Great tips. I especially like the tips about shoes and bags...Those are two of my could-be lows!

    1. Yes, shoes always deceive me! I sometimes make impulse buys without considering the fabric of the shoe or the quality and I end up paying for it later on!

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